Challenge without fear of failure.

Thanks to our 20 years of working with entrepreneurs, we are privy to the challenges they face. Our own business also requires our employees to embrace this spirit of challenge and we support and encourage each other to keep thinking outside the box. If a plan does not work out, we learn from it and use it to better ourselves for the next challenge.

A high-speed process of developing, verifying, and improving.

We use a process that lets us quickly develop, verify, and improve to rapidly respond to change. We continue to ensure that our offering meets the needs of our clients and will perform brush-ups as necessary. Each one is viewed as a prototype, whereby we adopt the thinking of always finding ways to improve upon the next iteration. Moreover, in collaborating with top-tier offshore external partners, our development continues to soar.

Responding quickly to change.

Organizational flexibility is paramount in the VUCA era. Both our business and development sections work outside their boundaries, forming specialized teams as the situation requires. Together, we have a system of development that can flexibly respond to the needs and changes of today and tomorrow, and even of the team itself.

Becoming in tune with our users.

We think of “customer first” not simply as responding to inquiries and requests, but also about solving any of the underlying issues. To that end, it is important to adopt a process of thinking thoroughly. The customer success team plays a central role with understanding the user, while the user experience (UX) team digs deep into the essential needs of the issues that are seen in the process. Finally, the development team transfers these ideas into the end product.

Understanding our strengths and supporting each other.

Our team consists of members of various expertise. Through supporting each other, our system allows each individual to focus on work within their circle of knowledge, so as to demonstrate their talents at their best.

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